About Us

We are IT specialists and enthusiasts of new technologies, marketing is our professional hobby. We are not interested to quickly close investment fees of a startup and go into the sunset - we will become part of the team and go all the way from the establishment of the project to its sunset, or until our paths diverge. We will not chase for empty traffic, only high-quality leads, high-quality content and the name of the brand that we are building with you.

Our Philosophy

Everyone should do what he can. We can in marketing - entrust it to us. We can in the organization of work - entrust it to us


Our Vission

We consider it important to help young and ambitious projects to enter the market for the realization of their ambitious projects


Our Value & Rules

We work with companies as a company, we achieve our goals, or we are responsible for failure along with the rest of the project participants

Our services

Turn-key startup

support of your project from idea development to market entry and further


all modern approaches of digital marketing from email newsletters to SMM


elaboration of individual design, creation of the project name

Technical support

website implementation, creation and application of software products for project promotion

Latest News

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate

UniDAG update list

Aug, 2018

The list of updates on which the project is working UniDAG.

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Fiat in all respects

Sep, 2018

The financial system has undergone significant changes over the last fifty years. Gone are the years when the exchange took place by transferring a piece of gold, silver, a keg of oil and skin from the ass of a mammoth. At the beginning of the state, the currency was issued in the form of a resource reserve of the state (gold fund, oil, etc.). But...

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Conference for evil. Or good?

Sep, 2018

By virtue of my professional activity (the main one is an engineer, I am engaged in marketing as a hobby), not by will, but you will follow all conferences, meetings, forums and other clever words describing a one-time accumulation of a heap of people.

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